Elvis Plaku

Founder - Web Dev.

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"In his free time, Elvis likes to hike and travel to remote and unvisited places." He has been doing web work since 1999.

Geiv Tomço

Web Dev.

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PHP developer and co-founder of SmartKids

Irdi Ismaili

Linux SysAdmin

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Irdi ensures optimal IT infrastructure performance, security, and reliability for seamless operations and user satisfaction. In his free time he contributes to open source projects like Nextcloud, Wikimedia, OpenStreetMap, WordPress, etc. He enjoys leveraging his skills to support and improve these initiatives, fostering collaboration and innovation in the community.

Baki Goxhaj

Full-Stack Developer

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Experienced Full-Stack WordPress Engineer with a track record of over 16 years in developing enterprise-level WordPress themes and plugins. My expertise lies in PHP and React.js, and proficient in utilizing other WordPress technologies such as WP-REST and WP-CLI.Driven by a strong appetite for learning and self-development, I constantly seek new challenges to enhance my skills. With a deep sense of autonomy, I possess exceptional self-management abilities that make me highly suitable for remote work.As a team player, I thrive in collaborative environments and foster positive relationships with superiors and subordinates. With a get-things-done attitude, I always strive to find elegant solutions to complex problems. My commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering results set me apart in the field.

Eneriko Stavre

Web Dev.

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Eneriko is a student by morning and a Web Developer by afternoon. But he is not limited by his job nor school, enjoying what surrounds him is his everyday hobby. He loves to travel around this place called Earth and make new connections and friends. He has been journeying around Web Development since 2021 now, trying to think, create, develop and thrive in what he does and love. 

Greisi Ndreka

Junior Web Dev.

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Greisi is a dedicated Computer Science student and a passionate Junior Web Developer. With a keen interest in creating efficient and elegant web solutions, he balances technical skills with artistic creativity. Outside of work, Greisi enjoys playing guitar and piano with friends and creating music. With fingers dancing between piano keys and laptop keys, he composes harmony in both code and melody.

Empowering You to Amplify Your Brand, Boost Sales, and Optimize Efficiency via Digital Solutions.

We are a small agile team of experienced Open Source professionals supporting over 100 SMEs, Organizations and individuals optimize their investment in digital marketing and infrastructure.

We are here to implement your projects using WordPressMauticMatomoNextcloudMoodleWooCommerceThrive ThemesGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager,  and more.

Our services and branding stem from our existing company established in Tirana, Albania since 2010 called

Elvis Plaku, the founder and owner, started building his first website back in 1999, since that time he has been involved in building, maintaining, creating and growing hundreds of website, while also providing marketing and communication consulting services and training to a growing number of companies and organizations locally in Albania and globally.

How we started working with WordPress

WordPress is incredibly user-friendly, but maintaining it can be a major distraction from the main focus and purpose of the sites of our clients. That's where we come in - our team provides a fully managed WordPress environment, taking care of the technical setup, maintenance, software updates, security, backups, and support for technical issues and more. We have been using WordPress since it was launched as a platform, but our route into open source CMS systems started with platforms like Mambo, which afterwards transitioned to Joomla. But when WordPress came to the scene we quickly took it up as a better choice for ourselves and most importantly our growing number of clients.

How we started working with Thrive Themes

While we have worked with all the major page and theme editors out there for WordPress we ended up using Thrive Themes, starting with Thrive Editor back in 2016. Since then we have stayed with them building over 150 websites using the Thrive Themes Suite of plugins (Architect, Apprentice, Leads, Ovation, etc.) The that they continue to innovate and improve their product is a major advantage for us and our clients as well. Now we just focus on building quickly, training our clients and maintaining those sites using our hosting services and packages.