A select few of our Projects

We do on average 1 new website a month, we choose not to include them all here!

Amplifying Conversations on YouTube:’s Dynamic Blog Platform
Generating Leads and Expanding Reach: A Successful Campaign for Pilgrim’s Progress Animated Albanian Movie
First International Education Fair with INedu Consultancy
Streamlining and Refreshing Alo!Mik Foundation’s Online Presence: A Custom WordPress Website Case Study
Altin Kita: Creating a Personal Site with Custom WordPress Design and Mobile Responsiveness
Elevating E-commerce: 300 Oferta’s Custom Retail Sales Website
InfoSecInt: Creating a Simple and Clean Website
Kukesi Trails: Developing Sustainable Tourism and New Socio-Economic Opportunities in Rural Albania Through Custom Responsive Design and Mobile Apps – Albania’s StartUp & Entrepreneurial Portal – eLearning & Teaching Content for Children’s Ministry
Fondacioni Shkendije – Spark Ministries
ISTL Albania – Educational Religious Institute in Albania
Ecological Design Collective – Eagles of Peace (EoP) Sending Agency – Albanian Influencer Website for Genard Hajdini
Empowering Medical Practices: Besa CMS’s Custom WordPress Website
Albania Without Orphans ( Love Project for a Worthy Cause
Elvira Rama – Empowering Personal and Organizational Development
Fokusi Albania
Arteka – Albanian Arts & Culture Magazine | Custom WordPress Site Custom and Responsive WordPress Design with Integrated Store and Online Courses Functionality

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