Project: Alo!Mik Foundation – 3 sites in 1


The challenge: Alo!Mik Foundation had an existing site which had sereved its needs for several years, however it was longtime due for a refresh.

The Foundation also had the added challenge of managing two other sites that pertained to its work, which required added resources and time. The decision was made to combine three different websites into one. The result is the current redesigned and re-organized website.

Another challenge, was maintenance of the same visual and branding of the foundation, while keep it simple and clean at the same time.

Project phases:

  1. 1
    Project charter & materials;
  2. 2
    Planning (structure and functionalities);
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Control & Handover
  5. 5

Project elements:

  • Custom WordPress based, using Thrive Themes;
  • Different forms involved ;
  • Videos;
  • Thrive Lightboxes


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