Project: First International Education Fair with INedu Consultancy

It took several months of planning, consulting, and figuring out how to best bring it about resulting in a registration and communication platform ( for the International Education Fair for INedu Consultancy, a recruiting and support agency for students and people seeking to study abroad.

The platform initially was built to be used for the Fair, but it will continue its life as a CRM and Publication hub for the agency.


For our team it was both a challenge and a privilege to become part of the INedu team for this fair and provide them with ongoing support while building, launching, and ultimately seeking a successful ‘fair’.

As a young agency, but with many years of experience, the INedu Consultancy team was very clear and insightful about their needs even on a technical level, which contributed to a successful testing and implementation of the platform.


Our ongoing support was especially intensified during the few weeks and days before the International Education Fair, which was held on Oct. 8th, 2022.

We worked together as a team to help discuss and implement marketing ideas and spend, to then funnel hundreds of students to register on the platform and keep them informed about what was to come on the Fair day.

Students and Partners

The platform was not indented just for the student registrations but also to enable participating universities (partners) to access student information and take notes on each student that was interviewed, to later export that data and distributed to individual partners for further review and follow-up.

Access limitations and management

The information flow and access where staged and limited according to each actor.

  • Students were required to register and enter their information via a registration form, which would serve as a confirmation and registration step.
  • Administrator would receive full access and information in real time about new and review existing student registrations.
  • Partners (universities) would then have their own dedicated page with limited student data info, sufficient to conduct student interviews and make individual notes on each student for further follow-up.

Gathering, processing, and limiting data access based on the above three levels was a new undertaking even for us and required the integration of several solutions to make it all flow well together. Partners and Students were asked for feedback on their experience with the platform, which was very satisfactory.

Project phases:

  • Project scope & materials;
  • Planning (structure and functionalities);
  • Execution;
  • Control & Handover;
  • Training;
  • Tech Support;
  • Feedback.

Project elements

  • Custom Responsive Design
  • WordPress based
  • Registration & communication flow
  • CRM management & access
  • Dedicated partner access pages


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