Project: Filmi Udhetari – a campaign promoting Pilgrim’s Progress movie in Albanian


The Challenge: Launch a successful campaign promoting the animated Albanian language version of the well known "Pilgrim's Progress" movie.

Initially the goal of the client was to launch the campaign through local TV stations with the goal of reaching the widest audience possible.

However, with our technical support and strategic guidance, the campaign was changed into a two phase one.

The first phase, was a lead generation campaign, aimed at a narrower audience which intended to strengthen the client's relationship with existing and new partners. Later, these partners would help to expand the reach and impact of the movie during the second phase of the campaign which would be expanded to all possible channels.

Project Elements:

  • Integrated CRM for initial Lead Generation and then continued Email Marketing;
  • Custom WordPress Site using Thrive Theme;
  • Integrated WhatsApp Chat;
  • Private video hosting & distribution integrated with CRM for lead generation;
  • Campaign strategy and implementation with client's team;

Some Results:

  • first phase: over 3,000 movie views through the website, representing more than 5,000 to 9,000 individuals since it was watched in families and communities everywhere.
  • second phase: an additional 20,000+ video views only on YouTube channel
  • Total views anywhere from 23,000 to 50,000 individual people.


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