When we took over the original website, the client asked for several changes and updates to its structure and functionalities to help simplify and improve the website further.

In agreement with the client, we completely re-created it, using the existing design and colors, so as to minimize the visual and functional impact on its users.

Meanwhile, we recreated the "online learning", 'quizzes', 'newsletter" and 'membership' functionalities by simplifying them for the administrators as well as its users.

The number of over 50 plugins was reduced by half, while maintaining and improving its management, functionalities and speed for its users. 

Project elements

  • WordPress based, using Thrive Themes;
  • Custom responsive re-design;
  • Online Learning w/Quizzes functionality with Thrive Apprentice;
  • Membership functionality (registration & approval) with Ultimate Member;
  • Newsletter functionality & integration with MailChimp.


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