Project: Ecological Design Collective


This past couple of months in February & March 2021, we had the distinct pleasure to be involved in the process for the creation of a new website for an initiative/idea called the Ecological Design Collective (

A huge thanks goes to our Partners and close friends at for allowing us to support them in this very interesting project and implementation made by them. We were honored to be recognize and referenced by the founders on their page for our work.

Our main focus was the creation of the new website, using WordPress configured with a membership functionality and Single Sign On integration for the other apps used by the website.

The basic structure of the website (and the structure of our communicative platform, by extension) is modeled on the idea of a compound leaf, a leaf composed of multiple leaflets.

The Ecological Design Collective’s mission is stated here while the whole project is committed to operate on Open Source infrastructure which includes the Website, Forum, Video Conference and other apps, as provided and supported by our friends at


Do you have a project of your own in mind? Want to discuss it with us?

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