Project: – First Albanian Online Bookstore

2007 - the first Albanian online bookstore (translates House of Books) was one of our first e-commerce projects, not only for the company but also for the country. Though there was another site which allowed customers to order 'gifts' (including some books) at that time (year 2007), was the only one solely dedicated to Albanian books and literature.

Since that time, many more platforms, sites, and social media profiles have sprung up to promote books and culture and that is very encouraging to see.


- Among the top challenges then was the development and implementation of a platform that could and would grow. So the choice of the eCommerce software took several months researching and testing. Also, the fact that at that time, most internet connections were at the 'dial-up' speeds, presented its own challenges.

Ultimately, we decided to use PrestaShop as the core software. Since then, the largest eCommerce sites in Albania have adopted the same platform, which we are very proud to have launched in the country of Albania.

Another challenge was payments. Debit or Credit card payments were not a common thing then and still continue to be a challenge for the Albanian consumer, but they are much more common for all other markets, which made it a necessity to figure out and solve since then. We continue to offer PayPal and other payment types directly from the website.


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