‘Tirana Trails’ is a project by Tirana Ekspres, in collaboration with the Agency of Parks and Recreation of Tirana (APR), to build a network of trails around the city of Tirana.

The soft hills, the ancient villages, the olive groves, the Mediterranean scents, the looming castles, the monuments, the caves, the forests, the lakes, and overall, the idyllic landscapes, offer an unused opportunity to build new social and economic prospects for rural and urban Tirana.

Tirana Trails has two main objectives:
1) Develop a sustainable and inclusive outdoor tourism sector in Tirana;
2) Create new socio-economic opportunities for the rural communities of Tirana.

The Challenge: Create a easy to use website that features self-guided and group trails around Tirana, including apps in Android and iOS.

Project elements

  • Custom Responsive Design
  • WordPress based
  • Custom posts for Trails (km, difficulty, elevation, gallery, etc.)
  • Bi-lingual (English & Albanian)
  • SEO-optimization for international audience
  • Android & iOS Mobile Apps


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