August 15


Upgrading InvoiceNinja from v.4 to v.5

If you offer digital services or products that require sending an invoice, then a tool that manages that for you is a necessity.

Of course you can always create PDF invoices out of Word or Excel sheets and attach Terms & Conditions to any email you send but if you want to manage special rates, recurring invoices, notifications, tasks and get an overview of your finances, then send them the payment information and confirm that the payment is made, but then if you have a growing number of clients you cannot always manage that in an Excel sheet. For us, InvoiceNinja is that tool and we love it.

We have come to depend on it for the past two years now and learning about the upgraded version coming out brought us joy! But it we gave it time before upgrading as it’s always best to give the developers ample time to fix bugs.

Updates to version 5 include

  • Completely new development language using Flutter
  • Invoices sent from your Gmail Account
  • New “statuses” added to the “invoice life-cycle”
  • Group settings for clients that may need a different language, taxes, payment options, etc.
  • Multiple payment gateways now supported per account.
  • Support applying one payment across multiple invoices.
  • Enable ability to overpay/underpay an invoice.
  • Utilize payments & credits with bulk actions against client balances.
  • Expanded Tasks & Projects Functionality
  • Increased interlinking up to to 10 companies per account.
  • Increased number of custom invoice fields to 4.
  • Increased number of tax rates per invoice to 3.
  • Expanded “Client Portal” functionality & customization.
  • Custom field types: text, multiline, dropdown, date or switch.
  • Third party service requests/responses are now logged.
  • Changed PDF design to HTML/CSS.
  • Support for unlimited custom invoice designs.

Check out the full list here also check out their video here

If you’d like to have us host an instance for you then do not hesitate but contact us directly.



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